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hope exists to strengthen, encourage and support family life. We love to see strong loving family relationships.

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Families really matter to us at Hope. We consider then to be the key to every other relationship and aspect of life anywhere.

If family life is good, then each individual, no matter what age, will be content and able to fully be the person they are intended to be. When relationships are encouraging, supportive and forgiving, home will become a place every member feels supported, valued and want to be. With a strong, healthy family life every individual will have self worth and a safe place from which to venture and explore what the wider world has for them.

All of our projects, particularly The Sanctuary and Playtime, look to support some aspect that is important to achieving enjoyment and fullness, not just survival, in family life! However if you have a particular individual need do connect with us through Family Matters.

Ensuring that everybody feels part of their community is of great importance to us at Hope. We are very aware that the sense of isolation is destructive to family life on many levels, so we make it a priority to run welcoming, inclusive groups such as The Sanctuary or Sparkle groups. These enable individuals and families to feel safe, welcomed and accepted no matter what their circumstances.

See more about our how we work in communities on the About Us page.

There are times when the needs of individuals in a family must be met. Our work in Sparkle groups and Family Matters are aimed at giving space for this. Whether it is as a one off conversation or ongoing links, we consider it a privilege to be trusted with the sharing of concerns.

This is a vital, and most precious part of our work, as facing the difficult situations is not easy, yet so much easier if you know there are people who care and are there to walk life with you.

Please don’t sit alone with a problem that affects family life. You and your family matters to us.